Page 1: External Funding - Pre Start Checklist

If you are thinking about applying for external funding, please use this form to check that it is the right grant for your project and to let the Research Office know. 

4.4. Name of Funding Body:
5.5. Type of Funding:

Dates need to be in the format 'DD/MM/YYYY', for example 27/03/1980.


7.7. Is UCA, as an organisation eligible to apply?

If No, can you still apply as an independent researcher? If unsure please contact the Research Office (

8.8. Are the individual(s) named on the application eligible to apply?
9.9. Have you read and understood the guidance about this funding scheme and what it will support?
10.10. Does your proposal meet the critieria set out in the funding call?
11.11. Have you checked the process for submission of bids (e.g. online, JeS, Grantium, Flexi-grant, Grant Tracker, EU Portal, email attachment, hard copy in post)?
12.12. Does the bid align with the research objectives of UCA and your School?
13.13. Have you double checked the deadline for submission and allowed enough time to prepare your bid?
14.14. Is UCA ethical review required?

Please go to the Resarch Ethics forms

15.15. Does your Head of School know about this project?
16.16. Have you notified the Research Office about this proposal?
17.17. Do you require UCA authorised signatures/approvals to submit this project? For example Fellowship applications or large grants or match funding required